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Nuestra Cocina Saludable: Recipes from Our Community Kitchen

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Did you know what we eat can help us fight cancer?

Scientists find new proof of this every day.

This cookbook, Nuestra Cocina Saludable: Recipes from Our Community Kitchen from the Institute for Health Promotion Research at UT Health San Antonio, can serve as a guide on how to eat to help protect yourself and your family from cancer.

Inside are 46 recipes for healthy, delicious foods straight from real Latina kitchens.

The cookbook started when Latinas from local communities shared with us their mouth-watering recipes, often noting to be sure to sprinkle in “just a dash of this” or a “handful of that.”

With help from these women, dietician Rosie Gonzalez added actual measurements. Gonzalez also suggested ways to improve the recipes and make them healthier. The changes created recipes that were lower in fat and/or richer in fiber and vitamins.

Some foods may look a little different or taste slightly different from traditional Mexican-American cuisine, but they are still delicious.

How do we know?

We spent many hours preparing and taste-testing all recipes to make sure they reach both the highest level of flavor and cancer-fighting ability possible.


Cite this cookbook: Institute for Health Promotion Research (2014). "Nuestra Cocina Saludable: Recipes from Our Community Kitchen." Ed. Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, San Antonio, TX.


  English Spanish
Bread and Rice recipes:
Amelia's Whole Wheat Tortillas Tortillas de Trigo Integral Estilo Amelia
Sandra's Whole Wheat Tortillas Tortillas Integrales a la Sandra
Whole Wheat Bread Pan de Trigo Integral
Whole Wheat Muffins Panecillos de Trigo Integral
Lowfat Tortilla Chips Tostaditas Bajas en Grasa
Lupe's Spanish Rice Arroz Mexicano a La Lupe
Soup, Salad and Beverage Recipes:
Rosita’s Chicken Soup Caldo de Pollo a la Rosita
Maria’s Vegetable Chicken Soup Caldo de Pollo con Vegetales Estilo Marìa
Guadalupe’s Vegetable Soup Caldo de Verduras Estilo Guadalupe
Armandina’s Fish Soup for Four Caldo de Pescado para Cuatro a la Armandina
Rosita’s Tortilla Soup Caldo de Tortilla a la Rosita
Lupe’s Pico de Gallo Pico de Gallo a la Lupe
Aurora’s Taco Salad Ensalada de Taco Estilo Aurora
Healthy Potato Salad Ensalada Saludable de Papa
Healthy Tuna Salad Ensalada Saludable de Atùn
Juanita’s Chicken Salad Ensalada de Pollo a la Juanita
Martha’s Fruit Salad Ensalada de Fruta a la Martha
Amelia’s Lemon and Mint Tea Te de Menta y Limòn Estilo Amelia
Amelia’s Chamomile Tea Tè de Manzanilla Estilo Amelia
Rosita’s Papaya Juice Jugo de Papaya a la Rosita
Consuelo’s Fresh Fruit Punch Ponche de Fruta Fresca a la Consuelo
Strawberry and Banana Milkshake Licuado de Fresas con Platano
Main Dish Recipes:
Anita’s Beans “A la Charra” Frijoles a la Charra Estilo Anita
Aurora’s Beans with Cactus Frijoles con Nopales Estilo Aurora
Maria’s Beans with Spinach Frijoles con Espinacas Estilo Marìa
Diana’s Quesadillas Quesadillas a la Diana
Juanita’s Cheese Enchiladas Enchiladas de Queso a la Juanita
Rosita’s Tacos de Salpicon Taquitos de Salpicòn a la Rosita
Elena’s Chicken Tacos Tacos de Pollo a la Elena
Gloria’s Tostadas Tostadas a la Gloria
Chilaquiles Chilaquiles
Rosy’s Beef Stew Carne Guisada al Vapor Estilo Rosy
Laura’s Chicken and Brown Rice Arroz Integral con Pollo Estilo Laura
Patricia’s Chicken with Rice Arroz con Pollo a la Patricia
Lupe’s Zuchinni and Turkey Casserole Cacerola de Pavo y calabacitas a la Lupe
Maria’s Baked Catfish Bagre al Horno Estilo Marìa
Sophie’s Tuna Patties Tortitas de Atùn a la Sophie
Sylvia’s Fish and Vegetables Pescado con Verduras a la Sylvia
Lupe’s Spanish Style Vegetables Vegetales a la Española Estilo Lupe
Trinidad’s Broccoli and Rice Casserole Cacerola de Arroz con Bròcoli Estilo Trinidad
Dessert Recipes:
Rosita’s Bread Pudding Capirotada a la Rosita
Rosita’s Rice Pudding Atole de Arroz a la Rosita
Alicia’s Frozen Banana Treats Plàtanos Congelados Estilo Alicia
Vicki’s Banana Pie Tarta de Plàtano a la Vicky
Sylvia’s Banana Dessert Rosca de Plàtano a la Sylvia
Consuelo’s Sweet Bread Rosca de Reyes a la Consuelo


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