Other Reports

South Texas Health Status Review: 2008

The IHPR’s South Texas Health Status Review is the first comprehensive statistical illustration of the health disparities that impact residents in largely Latino South Texas. The review compares the 38-county region’s incidence, prevalence and mortality rates for nearly three-dozen health indicators—from cancer to obesity—to the rest of Texas and the nation by age, sex, race/ethnicity and location.


south texas health sciences review

SALSI Forum: Health Disparities

The 1st SALSI Health Disparities Research Forum was held Sept. 12, 2008, in San Antonio. The meeting, which had participation from several dozen researchers from the Health Science Center and UTSA, featured a keynote speech by Texas demographer Dr. Karl Eschbach and four different panels related to health disparities research: behavioral risk factors; chronic diseases; maternal and child health; and mental health.

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Latino Cancer Report

The Latino Cancer Report, developed by Redes En Acción as part of its mandate from the National Cancer Institute, is a national Hispanic/Latino cancer research, training, and outreach agenda that sets out five recommendations for cancer research priorities and two recommendations for education, training and outreach priorities for cancer control and prevention. The agenda provides a framework for policymakers in both the public and private sectors to address cancer in the Hispanic/Latino population. IHPR leaders believe the Latino Cancer Report provides a useful tool for all individuals and organizations engaged in cancer control and prevention, efforts that could impact the lives of millions of Latino families and the generations that will follow.

Cancer Report

Redes Year 4 Impact Statement

This publication highlights Redes En Acción’s impact in the community as it furthers its research, training and public education awareness activities to target cancer health disparities among Hispanics/Latinos.

Redes year 4

Redes Year 3 Impact Statement

This publication highlights Redes En Acción’s research training and public education activities geared to cancer control and prevention related to Hispanics/Latinos.

Redes Impact Year 3

Redes Report

The Redes Report, a quarterly produced publication, contains relevant and helpful information about cancer issues and role models engaged in research and professional and public education related to Hispanic/Latino cancer and health disparity issues. The newsletter, produced since Redes’ inception in 2000, also keeps Redes partners and potential partners informed of its activities.

redes report

Redes National Steering Committee Meeting Reports

This annually produced report details the results of the annual Redes En Acción National Steering Committee Meeting, which brings together authorities on Hispanic/Latino health and cancer issues. The meetings, which began in 2000, aim to set program policy, provide guidance and review network-sponsored activities.


Replication Package for the A Su Salud En Acción Program

This replication project sought to increase the number of Hispanic women who seek the services of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The program features a training manual to help community organizers and program planners develop a community-based health communication campaign to increase cancer awareness and preventive health behaviors in diverse populations.


Hispanic/Latino Genetics Community Consultation Summit Event Report

This eight-page publication details the results of the first-of-its-kind conference called the Hispanic/Latino Genetics Community Consultation Network (HLGCCN) Summit conducted June 22-24, 2003, in Washington, D.C. The conference attracted more than 100 government health officials and key opinion leaders and genetics experts from U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities to identify, prioritize and disseminate information on genetics issues.

Genetics and community