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Redes En Acción

National network to reduce Latino Cancer.

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Training and internships to increase Latino doctors and cancer researchers.

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Redes En Acción: The National Latino Cancer Research Network

Grant: 1 U01 CA114657

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Redes En Acción, originally established in 2000 under the National Cancer Institute’s Special Populations Networks program, was refunded in 2005 as one of 25 NCI Community Networks Programs and re-funded again in 2010. Redes is continuing its work to bring together the most extensive collection of organizations ever assembled nationwide to collaborate in the fight against cancer among this country’s Hispanic/Latino populations. The program develops a broad-based coalition of cancer research centers, community-based organizations and federal partners to foster a national infrastructure for Hispanic/Latino cancer prevention and control activities. Research efforts focus on policy and organizational change and on the effects of innovative interventions to reduce disparities. Through network activities, the program established training and research opportunities for Latino students and researchers, generating research projects on key cancer issues impacting Latinos and supporting cancer awareness activities, such as media campaigns and communication strategies geared to improve access to cancer screening and treatment services and increase utilization of beneficial interventions to reduce disparities. Redes’ national coordinating center is in San Antonio, and the program has regional coordinating centers in New York, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego and Houston – each linked by common goals, objectives and synergies.

Principal Investigator

  • Amelie G. Ramirez, DrPH
    IHPR, UT Health San Antonio (at Baylor College of Medicine for start of project)

Co-Principal Investigators

  • J. Emilio Carrillo, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, President and Chief Medical Officer of the New York-Presbyterian Community Health Plan (Northeast Regional Network Center, New York City)
  • Maria E. Fernández, PhD
    Assistant Professor and Director of Diversity Programs, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health (Central Regional Network Center, Houston)
  • Frank J. Penedo, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami (Southeast Regional Network Center, Miami)
  • Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, MD
    Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at University of California, San Francisco (Northwest Regional Network Center, San Francisco)
  • Gregory A. Talavera, MD, MPH
    Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State University (Southwest Regional Network Center, San Diego)

Location/Service Areas

Redes’ National Network Center is located in San Antonio, and it has regional sites in San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Miami, and New York


Redes has addressed Latino cancer disparities on several fronts. Redes has: developed a national network of 1,800-plus people and groups to conduct research, training, and awareness; supported more than 225 training positions; fostered 18 NCI-funded pilot research programs for $925K, and pilot researchers then leveraged it into more than $90M in new funding; and produced more than 30 cancer education materials and 12 public service announcements, developed an online bilingual cancer experts directory, and conducted more than 2,200 community events across the nation. Specifically, the program developed:

  • Five regional network centers
  • A database of more than 2,000 partners
  • Policy studies relating to cancer disparity reduction and access to screening and care for Latinos
  • A two-part study to assess the need for a patient navigation intervention to improve access to timely and quality follow-up of abnormal cancer test results
  • Four new or ongoing research projects directly generated as a result of Redes have been funded that explore genetics, breast cancer, Latino health disparities, and clinical trial recruitment, totaling almost $1 million in funding.
  • More than $73 million leveraged funding research dollars through 38 regional and national new and/or ongoing projects that Redes researchers are leading or participating in through subcontracts and shared resources.
  • Communication materials: Quarterly e-newsletters disseminated to Redes national network; monthly E-Alerts to offer timely information to network; a Web site with a Latino Cancer Experts Directory and interactive “Join the Network” Web form; and two public service announcement campaigns
  • More than 2,200 cancer education events (health fairs, etc.)
  • More than 400 professional education presentations have been given nationally at conferences, seminars and workshops.

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