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National network to reduce Latino Cancer.

Exito! Research Training

Training and internships to increase Latino doctors and cancer researchers.

Salud America!

National network to inspire healthy community change for Latino and all families.


Salud America! Promoting Health for Latino Kids

Grant: 61259

Go here for more info on Salud America!.

Latino children have higher obesity rates than their white and black peers. As such, Salud America! was established to develop a network of community leaders, academics, and public and health activists to promote a healthy weight for Latino children.

Principal Investigator
Amelie G. Ramirez, DrPH
IHPR, UT Health San Antonio

Co-Principal Investigator
Kipling Gallion, MA
IHPR, UT Health San Antonio

Program Coordinators
Patricia Chalela, DrPH, IHPR, UT Health San Antonio
Kay Haverlah, IHPR, UT Health San Antonio

Location/Service Area
A national program based at the Institute for Health Promotion Research at UT Health San Antonio

The network has aligned with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s thrust to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic by 2015 by improving access to affordable healthy foods and increasing opportunities for physical activity in schools and communities across the nation. Salud America! has developed the first-ever research priority agenda on Latino childhood obesity; used this agenda to fund and support 20 pilot research projects, each up to $75,000 each over two years; provide training and mentoring opportunities for funded pilot researchers; disseminate research findings, policies and applicable strategies to reduce Latino childhood obesity through publications, an E-Newsletter, E-Alert, Web site, a series of scientific conferences, the media, and other avenues. Go here for more details.