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David Irizarry

Éxito! Testimonials: David Irizarry

David Irizarry wasn’t sure where his career path was heading.

With a background in political science and biology, he eventually decided to pursue a master’s degree in public health at the Texas A&M Health Science Center’s School of Rural Public Health in McAllen, Texas, where he also works as an administrative intern at a local hospital and a research assistant on campus.

To further refine his career path and learn about doctoral programs, he joined Éxito! Latino Cancer Research Leadership Training—which aims to increase diversity in Latino health disparities and cancer research by encouraging Latino master’s-level students and master’s trained health professionals to pursue a doctoral degree and a career in research.

Irizarry attended the Éxito! Summer Institute in June 2011 and networked with a variety of individuals, leaving with a better understanding of potential obstacles and tips when pursing a doctorate degree.

He is now more certain than ever he will pursue a doctoral degree in an area of public health policy.

Éxito! definitely sparked a greater interest in the possibility of pursuing a career in health disparities,” Irizarry said. “I will start making decisions about my future over the next two months.”

David Irizarry