Men, Why Should You Get Screened for Cancer?

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June 9, 2022 at 2 p.m. Central



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Unfortunately, Latino men have lower cancer screening rates than their White peers.

Only 30% of Latino men received a PSA test for prostate cancer in the past year, compared to 37% of White men. Colorectal cancer screening was lower in Latinos (49%) than Whites (58%), too.

To address this issue, you’re invited to join our webinar — Men, Why Should You Get Screened for Cancer? — at 2 p.m. CT on June 9, 2022.

This is the fourth webinar of a new series, “Let’s Address Health Equity Together.”

This Zoom webinar will feature guest speakers and patient advocates to help health care professionals and the Latino public understand the cultural and other barriers to screening, demystify screening tests, and share stories of Latino men’s screening and cancer survival.

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Men Why Should You Get Screened for Cancer - webinar june 9 2022 genentech ut health san antonio

About the Speaker(s)

Panelists include:

Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez (moderator), an internationally recognized researcher in Latino health promotion and behavioral change, is director of Salud America! and its home base, the Institute for Health Promotion Research in the Department of Population Health Sciences at UT Health San Antonio.

Dr. Daniel Alvarez earned his medical degree from the Institute of Medical Science of Havana, Cuba and the University of Costa Rica. He joined Genentech in 2020 as the Neuroscience Medical Science Liaison Field Director, and in 2021 joined the Heath Equity and Inclusive Research (HEIR) in the United States Medical Affairs team as Principal Medical Director. In his current position, he partners internally and externally to contribute to addressing disparities in health care and the representation of minorities and underserved patients in clinical trials.

Dr. Ramon Cancino is an associate professor/clinical in the Department of Family & Community Medicine at UT Health San Antonio, director of the UT Health Physicians Primary Care Center, senior medical director of medical management, and co-chair of UT Health San Antonio Mays Cancer Center Cancer Prevention & Screening Committee.

Gabe Canales is on a mission to get men more engaged and take life-saving actions. His own such actions began when he was diagnosed at 35 with what’s long been deemed an old man’s disease. Prostate cancer? Gabe was shocked. A carnivore averse to vegetables, he then devoured knowledge from doctors at five top cancer centers, who told him his life had to change. Inspired by his medical team, Gabe became dedicated not just to cure himself but to help others with the “cure” of prevention. He made it his mission to stop life-threatening ailments before they start. Eight years later, Gabe is the hearty, healthy powerhouse behind the nonprofit Blue Cure Foundation, the men’s side of women’s pink breast cancer campaigns. Blue Cure aims to change the cancer conversation.

Daniel G. Garza has been a patient leader for over 20 years. He speaks publicly about HIV diagnosed in September of 2000, Anal Cancer in May 2015, and an Ostomy in April 2016. Daniel shares his story on social media, through several campaigns such as Positively Fearless, volunteers for organizations such as Radiant Health Centers and works with WEGO Health and NMAC as a consultant. Through his company Lilmesican Productions Inc, Daniel and his partner, Christian, produce live stream content that is geared towards adding positive messages to the HIV, Cancer, and LGBTQ communities.