More Educational Materials

Buena vida magazine

Buena Vida Magazines

These 24-page, color, bilingual publications aim to educate Hispanic communities about cancer issues and raise awareness about prevention and control activities that are intended to reduce the burden of cancer among medically underserved Hispanics/Latinos.

Onda Newsletter

Onda Newsletter

Qué Onda (Sound Bites) is a monthly newsletter developed for the Sin Fumar tobacco research project to educate youths and the community about tobacco prevention. The newsletter features stories about real kid role models telling their stories to others to stimulate imitation by addressing factors theoretically related to change. Middle and high school Hispanic youth recruited and organized their peers to distribute the behavioral journalism materials to provide social reinforcement for imitation of the role models.


Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

The IHPR’s Latino cancer research network, Redes En Acción, has conducted a pair of public service announcement (PSA) campaigns since 2000. One campaign features four bilingual PSAs to increase Latino participation in cancer clinical trials. Another campaign features six bilingual PSAs to increase Latino cancer screening rates.